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Luis Victoria Karate Academy has a long term, proven track record of 8th years of community service and Award Winning Leadership in Colombia South America (we are the only Karate company with branch in Miami USA and Colombia South America www.AcademiaLuisVictoria.com), and now we are in USA. Our goal is to build stronger families and communities through the martial arts, strengthening a family one Black Belt at a time. Also, At LVKA, we are passionately committed to helping you adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle so you look and feel your best. Students have fun while learning important lessons for life. In a caring environment, with positive role models to enhance personal growth, Students improve at an individual pace and learn respect for themselves and others. Do you believe that karate is just about kicks and punches or winning trophies for display? We don't. That's not the atmosphere here at Luis Victoria Karate Academy.

Our objective is to teach the life-affirming art of authentic karate and to instill self-respect. At our school we use our ability as teachers and mentors to influence rather than force students into action. This creates self-discipline, self-steem, self-confidence and self-defense. By realizing they have choices and the ability, both physical and mental, to deal with challenging situations, our students gain the confidence to overcome them. Our Juniors Achievers Program consists of kids ages 8 years old up through teenagers, with 95% of our Junior Black Belts being high Academic Achievers. They have become very balanced, very respectful kids and are clearly part of an upper level group we like to call our clean teens. They may not all be perfect, but they are a lot cleaner mentally, physically and emotionally than most of the population out there. Most of our Adults are achieving great success in our school, but also in their personal and professional life as well, which is why we call them our Adult Peak Performers. It's about being a peak performer and a champion not only in their martial arts, but how it can carry over into their life outside of the martial arts. Through positive coaching we instill confidence and develop skills in relationship building, personal development, manners & protocol as well as building their knowledge in maintaining their personal health and fitness.

 We are now offering Private Self-Defense Instruction and/or Personal Training to clients wanting more 1-on-1 attention, better physical conditioning, and improvement in their healthy habits. Clients will also follow a proven weight loss nutrition guide that has been created to help you burn calories.

Lose weight and get in shape... FAST!!! You don't need to have all the bumps and cruises to have the body of a fighter. All you need is a great workout plan, a nutrition guide, and a motivating instructor to help you trim your waist line. Our Boot Camps are small semi private group workouts designed to help you reach your goal and improve your lifestyle.

Classes are now filling, so dont' wait too long, or you could miss out in potentially being in the best shape of your life!

Member of: The All Florida Karate-Do Alliance http://floridakaratealliance.com/Contact.html


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