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 Everything begins in home

The education, the values, the principles, are inculcate in home. During the first 7 years, the humans are getting the most important infomation that we will use for our entire life. For that reason parents need to dedicate more time in those first years in the education and formation for their kids.

On the other hand based in the opinion of the experts, nutrition is other crucial element that we will see reflected in our lifes, speciallly in our health, for that reason as a Sensei I recommend to guide the kids in how to eat healthy from the early years. 

On the other hand we can see incredible results, in different fields of the human behavior such a emotional intelligence and psychomotor skills, when a child is involved in an sport, music or activities from the first years of formation. With a discipline such as I have mentioned they can improve listening skills and how to follow the directions from the parents and teachers. Therefore children are going to be more efficient in their studies and focus for life.

Karate in special, is an activity that can integrate several important events like a self-discipline, self-confidence and self-steeem. You can see that is not only words that I am telling you, you can see the testimonial of the parents, and you can infer how the sport, in this case karate, can help a lot with the formation of our children.

Don´t wait more, bring your kids, and actually you can do it, and you can give example to your family, training any sport. We can offer you our school. Call us (1-305-600-7560) and we can give you the complete information about our programs.

If you are a current student in our school, please be perseverant and continue training your body, mind and spirit for your entire life!...don´t be a quitter!

Please visit these websites and you can know more about that I am telling you:


 Testimonial Erika´s Mom May 2011

Erika has been attending the Luis Victoria Karate Academy for 3 weeks now and has learned so much in such a short time. She loves her class and her Sensei. She enjoys sharing her newly learned moves with all her friends and family. Ever since she began her karate classes, she has been motivated to excel in other parts of her life. We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. 
We are so thankful to Sensei Luis for all he´s done for our daughter. We love this school and are very glad we found him. 

Eni & Andy
Erika Neadle´s Parent


Erika Honor Roll Sylvania Heights Elementary School Miami, May 2011

Erika Neadle is today one of the Assistant Instructors, she has been champion, she has now and incredible attitude as a leader in our community and karate shcool; we are very proud of her.


Testimonial (Lopez's brothers parents in Colombia, South America)

"Joining Luis Victoria Karate Academy was one of the best decisions I made for my boys. Five years ago my oldest was extremely shy, tentative about trying new things and overwhelmed by team sports. His transformation has been remarkable. The Junior program has been fantastic for my younger son. I have seen a great improvement in his coordination". Adriana & Julio (Lopez's brothers parents)


Testimonial of Luis Martínez - Grand Father of Gabriel Guillermo (2 years training karate in our school)

 Testimonial of Maritere Mendoza - Mother of Amel and Ameli López (1 year training karate in our school)

 Testimonial of Gonzalez´s Family - Parents of Jerónimo and Nicolás (1 year training karate in our school)

Other testimonials:

"Ever since Sergio started his first class he has improved his self-esteem and confidence. Many other people have noticed an improvement too. He has come out of his 'shell' and become much more outgoing in school and social activities. We had tried many things before even therapy and other sports, but he is most comfortable here. We are most grateful for the attention he has received and plan to keep coming as he continues to improve". Adriana (Sergio´s mother)

“Tanner originally joined Luis Victoria Karate Academy because it looked “fun”. Well, he was right! Not only does Tanner have fun with all of his karate friends, but his coordination, confidence and overall attitude has improved. Martial Arts has been a very positive experience thus far. The cost is worth all the rewards!” Ruben Father´s

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