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Adults Program 13 years old & Up



Never too late to engage in exercise. You can do it!. It's a common myth that you must be young and in shape to take karate. Nothing could be further from the truth! You will learn confidence, self steem and self defense, as you take your first steps into the karate world.


You will learn how to increase your focus and self-disipline in order to achieve your goals. You will also increase your strength without weight equipment and reduce stress in your life.

Learning self-defense (for women and men) helps you feel safe and confident in today's society. Martial Arts are an excellent form of stress management. Getting in shape and feeling good offers a balance to our often busy and demanding lives. Martial Arts improve the quality of your life by teaching you valuable life and success skills such as mental focus, self control and life balance.

Our adult martial arts program offers a curriculum that is deeply rooted in tradition and balanced with progressive and innovative teaching methods and philosophies, featuring GOJU RYU KARATE (an effective reality based method of self-defense), Jujitsu and Kickboxing which are safe, simple, and effective methods of self protection that really work.

Karate teaches various striking, blocking and kicking exercises that build foundation, proper form and technique. It offers focus, mental discipline and practical self-defense against single and multiple attackers.

Goju Ryu Karate strives to maintain a balance between its "martial" aspect and its "art" aspect. The "martial" aspect is expressed by a fast, powerful, effective and practical method of self-defense. The "art" aspect is expressed by its commitment to both tradition through presentation of form and the pursuit of excellence through self-expression, artistic creativity, and humility.

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