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 I wish to congratulate to all of my students in their process of learning karate. They are demonstrating their leadership in our community. I feel very proud to have my profession; my passion never end, because I can see men and women in the future with excellent values and principles for their lives. 

I just want to say to the parents and students, thank you for your support and time. Together we are going to get the highest part of the mountain. Traditional karate says "you can never look to the back, you need to look forward to get our success!".

We had an unusual election for the student of the month for June 2013. We elected two instead of one, one of them in the little dragons and the other one in the Junior program; they are Brendon Gutierrez and Daniel De Varona respectively; they have demonstrated leadership and self-discipline, as a role models, congratulations for them.

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$ 29.95 (Includes Uniform & 2 free classes)

All Programs has been designed by Sensei Luis Victoria, World Karate Champion 2001 (World Rengokai Championships)

This is why our Children’s Program has been uniquely designed to increase your child’s confidence, develop self-discipline, demonstrate respect to adults, improve their grades in school, teach them how to set goals in life, all while learning Karate. Classes have a structured format, however, they are very motivating and exciting - allowing your child to have fun and see progress in their training!

Our Adults Programs, has been created for students looking to gain strength and flexibility by using their tools of kicks and punches, while learning self-defense, basic Jujitsu techniques (pressure points, joint locks, throws, takekdowns), weapons (kali & kobudo) and Hapkido basic techniques (real street fight). You will learn Karate Do - Discipline For your Entire Life (Goju Ryu). You will begin to gain confidence in your skills, develop lean muscles, release stress, and have fun in your training. This program is designed to give you immediate self-defense results by developing your skill through repetition in a safe and fun environment, while getting a great workout.

Space is limited, so don't wait too long, in order to get the best training in Miami FL USA.

Our Fittness Programs, has been created to Lose weight and get in shape... FAST!!! You don't need to have all the bumps and cruises to have the body of a fighter. All you need is a great workout plan, a nutrition guide, and a motivating instructor to help you trim your waist line. Our Fittness Boot Camps are small semi private group workouts designed to help you reach your goal and improve your lifestyle.

Classes are now filling, so dont' wait too long, or you could miss out in potentially being in the best shape of your life!

Fitness Kickboxing is our new group kick boxing class that is VERY different than your normal aerobic classes. These sessions will teach you the fundamentals of Karate and Kickboxing, while combining it with cardio exercises and punching a free standing bag. And, you don’t need to have previous Martial Arts experience! We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

We are now offering Private Self-Defense Instruction and/or Personal Training to clients wanting more 1-on-1 attention, better physical conditioning, and improvement in their healthy habits. Clients will also follow a proven weight loss nutrition guide that has been created to help you burn calories.


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