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I. Karate School Rules

1. Student of the Month Rules.

Do you want to become Student of The Month?

    You can see the requirements!

2. Dojo Rules (Karate School)

3. Student Creed (Dojo Kun)

4. Green Star Project

     Green Star Project No.1 (please print)

    Green Star Project No.2 (please print)

    Green Star Project No.3 (please print)

    Proyecto Estrella Verde 1, 2 y 3 (Versión en Español - Por favor imprimirlo)

5. LVKA Grade System (Explanation) and Requirements for taking the test & Preparation Tips

gradesystlvka  request test

6. How Tie your Belt?

II. Competition Rules

1. AAU Rules (Amateur Athletic Union of the USA)



2. USANKF Rules (USA National Karate Federation)


3. WKF Rules (World Karate Federation)





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