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Sensei Luis Victoria is Colombian Lawyer with Master degree in administrative law, and current student of St. Thomas University Law School, also he has Diploma in Pedagogy and certification as Personal Trainer and Aerobics instructor of American Fitness Association. He has been training karate for along 32 years among he has obtained his black belt 4th Dan in Goju Ryu Karate, 3rd Dan in Shotokan Karate, and Uechi Ryu Karate, but he black belt 1st Dan in Hapkido, and 5th Kyu in Shurite Bujutsu Kai Jujitsu as well. He has had his own karate school in Cali, Colombia (South America) since 2003, and he opened his Karate academy in United States in 2010. He has traveled through different countries and important cities such as: New York, Syracuse, Rochester, Winter Heaven FL, Sucre – Bolivia, San Salvador – Salvador, Curaçao - Antillas Holandesas, Medellín – Colombia, Caracas – Ven., among others,  teaching martial arts, and attending international karate seminars. He is Panamerican Karate Judge “A” In Kata and “A” in Kumite, he is one of the the highest degree as karate referee in the Colombia Karate Federation and in Florida USA. He was 2001 World Karate Champion in Kumite & Kata in the World Rengokai Championships, Atlanta GA USA; also he has been Colombian National Champion, and teacher of international champions in the Colombia karate team, and Miami FL.

For more information visit: Sensei Luis Victoria

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