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Florida Martial Arts for Kids Teaches Discipline for life


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The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child!!

Luis Victoria Karate Academy´s programs are effective for Children & adults (men and women), We teach fun and exciting, quality Karate, Self-Defense, and Fitness lessons at a high energy, so when you show up to class, you’re excited to be here!. 


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uis Victoria
Karate Academy
Board Breaking Seminar
Luis Victoria Karate Academy has scheduled the first 1st Annual Board Breaking Seminar for members and friends at The Dojo of Karate for Saturday, January 29th, 2011 from 11am to 1pm.
This seminar will teach students, as young as 5 years old to adults, how to break wooden boards with Karate techniques; a common practice in many Martial Art styles and schools.
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Luis Victoria Karate Academy, National Champions!

Our Luis Victoria Competition Team has gotten one of the most important achievements in karate sport competitions in U.S.

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Birthday Parties




Karate Birthday Parties


Parents can just sit back and enjoy while we give children the birthday party of their lives! A Karate Birthday Party at Luis Victoria Karate Academy (8015 SW 40 St, Miami FL USA 33155 - Health Joint Gym) is about much more than learning how to block, kick & punch. Your child will learn how to FOCUS & LISTEN at school and at home. They will experience the benefits of treating everyone with COURTESY & RESPECT. They will also develop their SELF-CONFIDENCE to battle negative peer-pressure and succeed in new activities.

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Programs LVKA

 I wish to congratulate to all of my students in their process of learning karate. They are demonstrating their leadership in our community. I feel very proud to have my profession; my passion never end, because I can see men and women in the future with excellent values and principles for their lives. 

I just want to say to the parents and students, thank you for your support and time. Together we are going to get the highest part of the mountain. Traditional karate says "you can never look to the back, you need to look forward to get our success!".

We had an unusual election for the student of the month for June 2013. We elected two instead of one, one of them in the little dragons and the other one in the Junior program; they are Brendon Gutierrez and Daniel De Varona respectively; they have demonstrated leadership and self-discipline, as a role models, congratulations for them.

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 Everything begins in home

The education, the values, the principles, are inculcate in home. During the first 7 years, the humans are getting the most important infomation that we will use for our entire life. For that reason parents need to dedicate more time in those first years in the education and formation for their kids.

On the other hand based in the opinion of the experts, nutrition is other crucial element that we will see reflected in our lifes, speciallly in our health, for that reason as a Sensei I recommend to guide the kids in how to eat healthy from the early years. 

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