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Karate for Children

Sensei Luis Victoria has created a unique karate program for children throughout his more than thirty five years practicing martial arts. Luis Victoria Karate Academy’s Children Program (Junior & Little Dragon) has been professionally designed to teach children three main values: Discipline, Respect and Courtesy. Also, LVKA’s Karate Program focus on a main idea, that children develop physical and emotional skills to succeed in their lives. Thus, based on such values, LVKA guarantees you that your child will improve his or her academic level, fitness, behavior and obedience to the parents and teachers. Additionally, your child will learn important lessons for life such bully prevention techniques and child’s safety awareness techniques to develop skills to protect themselves for everyday situations.

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Fitness & Karate for Adults

LVKA offers the Karate Program for adults and children especially to obtain an ideal physical condition and lose weight while maintaining optimal muscle tone. LVKA has developed this program based on martial arts. The program offers an ideal mental, physical and spiritual balance to face the adversities of the modern world and set aside a sedentary lifestyle, stress and bad habits that can lead to overweight, high blood pressure or even a heart attack.

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Self-Defense Program

LVKA’s Self Defense Program is offered for women, men and children from four years of age, it is ideal to learn advanced techniques on how to protect yourself from bullying and attacks such as assault or rape. Our program is as important as learning to swim. In a short time, the practitioner can achieve adequate knowledge to defend his life and physical integrity. This program is offered to anyone who is interested in improving their self-esteem, self-security and self-confidence, is ideal for women (Ex., Lawyers, teachers, etc.), as well as for men and boys.

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Our Main Message

LVKA teaches Karate so that members of our community get a better quality of life, and optimal physical and mental health. We do this because based on our extensive experience, we guarantee that our programs help our students improve their self-esteem, self-control, self-confidence, self-confidence and self-discipline.

We are recognized for the quality of our programs and for the professionalism we use to teach our programs as well as for the excellent customer service. We like to have a student with commitment, perseverance and desires to meet their goals, for which we always use the phrase through our classes: “we can never give up in the face of adversity.”

Our advantage over other martial arts academies is our professionalism, and that we do not focus on a medal only, instead we are much more interested in the continuous improvement of the person.

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