Our mission

Inspire our students to potentiate their best.

Inspire our students to potentiate their best. Convey a message of discipline to anyone who practices Karate in our school, with the purpose of becoming a champion of life. Offer the most important elements so that our affiliates can be the best in what they propose, especially that it stands out for having an ideal health, and that they know how to protect themselves from advsersities.

Our Story

Sensei Luis Victoria, founder and creator of the LVKA program, began his passion for martial arts for more than thirty-five years.

Wherever Sensei Victoria has been, he has left an unmatched mark of discipline and improvement on all of his students. Sensei Victoria, has taught such inspiration with her passion for martial arts, and with her own example of life. Sensei Victoria, has been world champion of karate; founded one of the most recognized karate academies in Colombia; has formed international champions; He graduated from one of the best law schools in Colombia; he obtained the EB1 visa to reside in the United States thanks to his extraordinary abilities as Karateca, now he is an American citizen; he overcame the English language barrier in a short time and became an American lawyer which is almost impossible to achieve in such a short time in the United States.

Sensei Victoria has created her own method of teaching Karate Do, which is based primarily on discipline, respect for rules and courtesy. In addition, his teaching style is structured based on the learning obtained from the study of several traditional Okinawan karate styles such as Goju-Ryu and Uechi RYu, as well as his knowledge in Shotokan, Hapkido and Japanese Ju-Jitsu. Sensei Victoria has been learned martial arts through many years and through the teachings received by senior teachers both in Colombia and abroad.

Meet the Team

Our professional work team is trained to teach the best lessons in Karate, Self Defense, and Discipline.

Sensei Luis Victoria

Founder & CEO

Martial Arts expert, and American Attorney.

Senpai Julian Feria

Senior Instructor

Karate instructor with more than seven years of experience. Senpai Julian is direct student of Sensei Luis Victoria.




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