Karate for Life


Do not compensate your child with material things, give him your love through discipline and education for his future. Most parents try to compensate their children with material gifts when they are complying with the rules or for carrying out their daily obligations.

Also because most parents are absent from their children the majority of the time, then they try to compensate their children for such absence with a material gift.

Instead of assuming this attitude with our children, we should encourage them to maintain their discipline and to comply their duties without expecting anything in return, so we will teach them that the only real motivation should be to train properly for their future.

Particularly, I personally had to wear the shoes that our neighbors gave me as well as the clothes too, however my mother gave me the best gift of my life, taught me to be self-disciplined and to fight for my goals.

Dear parents, I invite you with all due respect to reflect on the actions we take every day regarding the formation of our children.


Sensei Luis Victoria

Attorney at Law

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